Frequently Asked Questions…

Question: How much fuel do the motorhomes use?

Answer: The motorhomes return approximately 28mpg, dependant on how they are being driven.

Question: Will I be shown how to use the motorhome?

Answer: We spend approximately 45 minutes showing the customer exactly how everything works and we also supply a manual and a 24 hour telephone number in case of emergencies.

Question: What form of identification do I require when I come to collect the motorhome?

Answer: You will require your current up to date driving license and a code from the DVLA website to allow us to check your licence online, along with two other forms of ID that include your current address. These may be in the form of bank and/or credit card statements or Council Tax statements. They must have been issued within the last three months.

Question: Why do I hae to pay a £600 deposit?

Answer: The deposit is to cover the insurance excess or any damage that may happen to the motorhome that is not covered by the insurance.

The deposit is fully refundable upon return of the motorhome damage-free.

Question: How do I pay the deposit?

Answer: The deposit is payable by credit, debit card or cash.

Question: What time can I collect the motorhome and what time do I return it?

Answer: Unlike most motorhome hire companies, we are totally flexible.

Question: Do I have to stay in Scotland or can I tour the UK?

Answer: No, you can exit Scotland and tour the UK – or go wide afield into Europe with prior approval from our insurance company.